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LPG On Board - Gas Checks

Keeping your boat Gas Safe is a life dependant responsibility for you and neighbouring vessels, whether you are out at sea, inland river boating or mooring. A correct installation and regular checks of your boat's gas system are vital for safety.
Seasons can carry out the necessary Safety Checks and provide Gas Safe Certification. Certification that your boat is Gas Safe needs to be carried out by a registered Gas Safe Engineer. A Gas Safe Certificate is a requirement for insurance purposes, particularly on purchase, so they know they’re insuring a safe boat.
If you use your boat for charter, the MCA’s coding requirements mean you’ll need a certificate before the boat is passed as fit for use. This is much the same if you live aboard or keep the boat on inland waterways.
Considering gas is the most dangerous substance likely to be on board, installation and maintenance is certainly an area we would recommend is undertaken by a professional. This is a legal requirement for all boats used for anything but, private use.

Our Services include

Inland canal and narrow boats and sea going vessels up to luxury Yachts. Covering national water ways and vessels docked In European ports if necessary
Safety Certification
Heating and other Gas appliances installations
LPG alarms tested
LPG storage areas provided
Stainless steel. copper track pipe
We offer specialist nonhot works Mapress, stainless steel fittings and pipework for vessels with plant rooms.