Boiler Upgrades & Installations

Oil Boiler

We are OFTEC qualified engineers and can repair and carry out maintenance works for old and modern style oil boilers. Should your boiler need replacing, we install modern condensing boilers that can improve efficiency by over 90%, which could ultimately save you up to 30% on existing bills.

Oil boilers are an option for those properties that are not connected to the natural gas network.  Oil boiler appliances are fed by a supply of stored oil which is kept in a tank (externally to the property).

Oil fired boilers do practically everything their conventional gas fired counterparts can. As with gas boilers, you can choose from conventional heat only or combination condensing oil boilers. Condensing oil boilers are designed to recycle the heat with an extra heat exchanger so that the hot exhaust gases are used to pre-heat the water in the boiler system, therefore reducing energy consumption and costs.

Oil boilers are most commonly fired by Reillo Burners which, we at Seasons have valuable knowledge and experience in. We make sure that we can repair or replace any parts of your oil boiler with total peace of mind. Our Knowledge is gained from our vast experience and directly from the manufacturers. 

LPG Boiler

Liquefied Petroleum Gas are another option for properties that are not connected to the natural gas network. LPG-fired boilers are similar to mains gas and oil-fired boilers and like oil boilers, you will need to have an external storage tank to hold your supply of LPG.  This can be either a four bottled system with replacement cylinders or by a bulk storage tank that can be filled. Seasons can service and maintain these systems for you, however your fuel supply will be from an external supplier.

Natural Gas

Gas boilers do not require a storage tank for your fuel and run off the natural gas network. Our qualified engineers can repair and carry out maintenance on your gas boilers. As well as maintaining your existing gas boiler systems, we can replace older boilers that are no longer efficient. We install a variety of natural gas and LPG boilers types including Worcester condensing boilers. Worcester condensing boilers can save you up to 30% on your heating bills and prove to be more reliable than older boilers. Many old boilers are inefficient and can cost more money each year to run in continuous maintenance bills, especially if you have not kept up with your recommended annual service.


Maintenance & Repairs

  • Boiler Servicing - Oil/LPG/Gas

Having your boiler serviced annually has many benefits and is good practice. It can save you money and reduce the risk of costly repairs, faulty boilers and break downs. Landlords and and local authorities are legally obliged to have the boilers in their properties serviced annually. Homeowners do not face these legal requirements and the safety checks on their heating systems are at their own discression. Unchecked boilers can leak harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. To ensure that your family and home are not exposed to these risks, an annual service can keep your boiler safe and functioning efficiently .

  • Power Flush

Over a period of time your heating system can build up sludge and debris in the circulation which can affect the efficiency and functioning of various components. Intermittent hot water or cold patches on radiators are some symptoms that can indicate circulation problems. A power flush is a cleaning procedure and the overall aim is to restore the full circulation of water around the central heating system.  It is highly recommended to have a power flush when installing a new heating system. The entire system has to be flushed in order to get the best results.

  • Boiler fault finding and diagnostics
  • Boiler breakdown
  • Leaking radiators
  • Tanks,immersion and radiator replacement
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Immersion heater
  • Unvented cylinder repairs
  • Emergency call out
  • Leaks
  • Pump repairs
  • Hot and cold water problems
  • Burst pipes
  • Motorised 2 port and 3 port valve repairs
  • Gas boiler repairs-service-installation
  • Oil and LPG boiler repairs-service-installation
  • Gas and Oil Safety checks
  • Worcester Bosch and Grant Accredited 
  • DBS Checked engineers for school heating services